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On July 2013 the Israeli and the Palestinian representatives came back to the
negotiation table and a new window of opportunity has opened. The Israeli
government also accepted the proposed timeline for the process – arriving to a
bilateral agreement by April 2014.
Recent surveys of public opinion Israel reports that the vast majority of the Israelis
supports the concept of political agreement.
With that, the people in Israel have no way of expressing their support and their
wish for bilateral agreement and this is what our campaign came to do.

Our plan of action

Hands-counter showing the many supporting hands given to the campaign of the
public will illustrate to the government and the world the broad support for the
Spectacular Landscape art instillations made of thousands of colorful hands
representing the vote of the people will be set up by volunteers in prominent
Israeli landmarks.
Million hands in front of the Knesset – on April 2014 with the conclusion of the
negotiations, all our supporting hands will gather in front of the Knesset in a
democratic call for an agreement and future reconciliation.

About us

We are a three ordinary Israelis, Ziv, Dror and Guy. Like the major public we
believe that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essential to our lives and that
the conditions for this are ripe. We decided to raise this campaign out of a sincere
wish to influence and better the future of our country and our kids.
It\'s important to note that we have no partisan affiliations and that the campaign is
a not for profit venture.

Give a hand for peace agreement in our website facebook,
and make everyone you know do the same.
Calendar of events - Participate in one of the many
spectacular Million Hands installation that will take place
around the country during this winter.
Become an activist - Be an activist and help organize a
million hands installations in your area of residence or place
of work.
Donate small personal donation - The campaign is
financed solely by privet donations and your contribution is
essential for the operation to continue and be affective.

Each hand is a voice for peace.

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