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Million Hands for a Change in Leadership


‘One Million Hands’ is a grassroots campaign, founded by ordinary people who believe that national and personal security will only occur after a two state agreement with the Palestinians and a reduction in the cost of living. A two state agreement is essential to ensure a Jewish democracy. A reduction in the cost of living is essential to enable Israelis to live in Israel with dignity.

The ‘Likud’ party has failed in both the spheres of political engagement and social inequity. The ‘Likud’ and ‘Habait Hayehudi’ parties are pushing an agenda that endangers the future of a Jewish democracy and does little to address the economic difficulties faced by ordinary citizens.

We will not sit idly. ‘Million Hands’ is calling for a change in government!

Campaign methods

Liking on FB and providing emails will designate support for the campaign. More importantly the likes and emails will enable campaign communication with supporters.  The campaign will utilize FB (and other social media) posts and a monthly newsletter to relate the possibilities, advantages and public support for two states. A live hand counter on campaign website will demonstrate the level of public support. Landscape instillations of hands in every community in Israel will be set up in visible public locations representing the voice of people who have given their support.


The campaign will be held in public spaces throughout Israel and supported via traditional and social media. It will utilize the support of Israel’s security elite, media personalities, politicians, business leaders and ordinary people to create a social consensus on the need for electing a pro two states government. The campaign will garner support and signatures for the ‘One Million Hands’ declaration (see below).

Campaign declaration:

On behalf of myself and future generations I hereby give my hand for a change in leadership! I hereby pledge to support a party or coalition that will undertake to:

To attain a two states agreement between Israel and the Palestinians to ensure the preservation of a Jewish democracy.

To bring down the cost of living and reduce social inequity.

About us

We are a three ordinary Israelis, Ziv, Dror and Guy. Like the major public we
believe that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essential to our lives and that
the conditions for this are ripe. We decided to raise this campaign out of a sincere
wish to influence and better the future of our country and our kids.
It\'s important to note that we have no partisan affiliations and that the campaign is
a not for profit venture.


Give a hand for peace agreement in our website facebook,
and make everyone you know do the same.
Calendar of events - Participate in one of the many
spectacular Million Hands installation that will take place
around the country during this winter.
Become an activist - Be an activist and help organize a
million hands installations in your area of residence or place
of work.
Donate small personal donation - The campaign is
financed solely by privet donations and your contribution is
essential for the operation to continue and be affective.

Each hand is a voice for peace.

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